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Smart Mirror

What if you could have a personal physician, looking at you every day, through the looking glass?


As the user approaches, the Smart Mirror activates and greets the user personally using facial recognition.


The mirror instructs the user to stand in certain poses, as convolutional neural networks are analyzing the 3D body shape in real-time.

Body measurements are collected daily and the user can follow her/his changes on a mobile app, which aggregates more data such as nutrition and sleep quality. The measurements can also be used by experts to build personalized nutrition and fitness programs.

The device was developed for iCarbonX, an international venture aiming to create the first big personalized health data platform. I had multiple roles in the development of the mirror, including programming a large part of the algorithmic backend, as well as the full-stack running on the device; conceptualizing the prototype, and coordinating between the algorithms team in Tel Aviv and the hardware and design teams in Shenzhen.


The mirror is mounted with a depth camera. Artificial neural networks are deployed both on the device and on the cloud to provide a real-time and accurate estimation of the user's body shape.

Angela Merkel examining the first prototype I assembled, presented by Jun Wang, iCarbonX CEO. 

“Mirrors should think longer before they reflect.”
Jean Cocteau

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