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Eyal Perry
Molecular Machines @ MIT Media Lab


I enjoy challenges and people.


I am excited about the dialogue between biology and machine. I love creating technology inspired by the beautifully complex biological world, as well as using computers to empower and enhance our natural being - both body and mind.


I graduated with the highest honor from Tel Aviv University with a double B.Sc in Biology and CS. I was working for a short while in one of the labs in the university, on biological data analysis of miRNA role in cancer and specifically Melanoma. Afterward, I moved on to work in various companies in Tel-Aviv and Shenzhen. One startup, Resonai, was aiming to give machines the same kind of 3D understanding we have as humans, by creating an algorithmic platform which basis lies in differential geometry. Later, I worked as part of an international digital health venture, iCarbonX, which vision is to create the ultimate, personalized health profile. Over there, I was working on building a smart device prototype integrated into a mirror, as well as applying Convolutional Neural Networks to solve computer vision related problems. Lately, I was working as a location-independent freelancer, doing various projects from anywhere across the globe, most prominently building a custom Natural Language Processing service for OpenLaw, a global venture that creates a markup language for legal agreements, executed on the Blockchain, which will decrease the cost and friction of legal services for people everywhere.


My current focus is on accessible DNA-assisted nanofabrication and low-cost DNA data storage. I work on combing techniques from computational algorithms, synthetic biology, and digital fabrication to create new platforms for experimentation and innovation on the nanoscale. Specifically, I am trying to create the DNA Canvas - a nanomolecular screen with 1 million uniquely addressable "pixels". 


My passion is traveling. I consider traveling as a unique opportunity to personally experience different cultures, philosophies and ways of life. For me, it broadens the mind and rests the soul. Over my travels, I have found myself living and practicing Tai Chi in a Chinese monastery; wind sailing on an old Norwegian ship across the Baltic sea; sheep farming in the Australian bush; trekking anywhere from New Zealand to Tajikistan and more... alas, my travel bucket list is ever growing!

I spent two years living and working as a digital nomad, highly recommended :)


For any collaborations, ideas or thought exchanges - feel free to contact me! 

eyalp (at)

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