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Fab Replica of Bilbo/Frodo's Sword

As part of the MIT class How to Make (Almost) Anything, I fabricated a replica of Sting, the sword held by Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. The original Sting glows whenever orcs are nearby, as in Moria. I hypothesize that being in the vicinity of orcs would induce a sharp Electrodermal Activity (EDA) change in the wielder. EDA is an interesting biosignal correlated with stress, anxiety, and arousal in humans (no hobbits research has been done as of now). Making an EDA sensor is extremely simple (see walkthrough), but the input signal can be very sensitive. I attempted to create a modified sensor that eliminates physical interference (grip pressure), with partial success. 


FabSting is equipped with a custom EDA sensor on the hilt. When the person who wields FabSting experiences a sudden change in stress, anxiety, or arousal - the sword glows.

For a detailed walkthrough of the fabrication process, including PCB design and milling, blade molding and casting, 3D printing the hilt, soldering, and more... see the project page here:

Preliminary test of  the EDA sensor. As expected, a sharp signal is recognized in response to fear. I have witnessed dozens of jump-scare videos to fine-tune the Sting algorithm.

“Maegnas aen estar nin dagnir in yngyl im.”

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