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Art(ifacts) is an unscripted play performed by components of vision.


Shadows, reflections, edges, and more perceptual elements are transformed into a monochromatic space, multiplied, disoriented, and left alone to play with each other in surprising ways. A closed feedback loop system continuously captures light information, manipulates it and projects back to the panel. The viewer is invited to interact with Art(ifacts). Place any object on the panel and see what happens. Cast a shadow and wait for its bright complement to appear. Shine a light or just erase everything by total obscuration. 

Art(ifacts) is an interactive projection mapping installation coded in openFrameworks, presented as part of Instruments of Vision exhibition at MIT Compton Gallery. 

“They painted what they saw rather than what they knew they saw.”

Notes on a Total Light (Lippard 1967)

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