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Pseudo-Interfaces in Protein Cores

Leveraging information hidden inside proteins, to unravel potential novel interfaces.


Identifying novel protein interface templates by examining the interior structure of resolved proteins.


Protein interface templates are a key part in understanding the protein's interaction with other proteins and substances, thus leading to new, effective medical treatments

In this work, we attempt to find novel templates, by using graph algorithms to look inside the structure of resolved proteins and search for sets of interactions that are held by forces similar to those acting between two separate proteins. We call those potential interfaces - pseudo-interfaces. We validate our work by applying the method to known protein interface templates.

This work was done as part of the Computational Structural Biology course at Tel-Aviv University and supervised by Prof. Nir Ben-Tal and Prof. Haim Wolfson
Idea, implementation, and evaluation was done in equal parts by my partner, Yotam Constantini, and myself. 

Paper (unpublished) is available here.

Code available here.



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