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The Art of Digitally Hearing Heartbeats

Learn about your fitness, stress and health using a seamlessly 24/7 connected device.


Recent advancements in ECG monitoring technology led to devices that are so comfortable, so you might even forget you wear them (talking from a personal experience) - in a sharp contrast to the standard, cumbersome Holter monitor.

Therefore, we can now collect 24+ hours of continuous data and gain insights not only for individuals with symptoms of heart disorders - but also for healthy people who are interested to learn about themselves, thus allowing them to improve fitness, reduce stress levels or enhance their general wellbeing.


I was in charge of researching the new version of personal ECG strip devices, manufactured by Mindray. I experimented by wearing the devices on myself and other volunteers, evaluating the data quality, building a data analysis pipeline and trying out various machine learning approaches to identify arrhythmia and other anomalies.

The work was done at iCarbonX, an international venture aiming to create the first big personalized health data platform.


“Life is a gift full of riddles”
The Art or Hearing Heartbeats
Jan-Phillip Sendker

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