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Multiomic Fasting Experiment

Proof of concept for next-generation nutritional experiments - a dozen different datasets for a single individual


7 volunteers participated in a 7 days fasting program  (辟谷 - traditional Chinese medicine technique). For each participant, a multitude of measurements was gathered during the fast, and some before & after.


Measurements were taken from various sources:

  • Blood: Proteomics & Immuno-signatures

  • Urine: Metabolomics

  • Feces: Microbiome

  • Smart Wearables: Heart Rate, EEG

  • Genomics


I was part of a team in charge of the data analysis generated by the experiment, where I specifically focused on the immuno-signature data. We reported our conclusions which helped the design of future experiments of this kind.

The experiment was initiated as part of iCarbonX, an international venture aiming to create the first big personalized health data platform.


Jun Wang, iCarbonX CEO, explaining on the fasting experiment as part of his TED talk (t: 9:36)

“Everyone can reach his goals, if he is able to think, if he is able to wait, if he is able to fast.”

Hermann Hesse

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