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I don't know.


Yet, my plan to take a significant step on the road to the personalized health revolution is to create Wearable Intelligence. A real-time, on-device, continuous-learning platform. I believe technology has become advanced and affordable enough so we should all be carrying processing units, solely in charge of instantaneously analyzing our data - providing individualization, robustness, and anonymization. 


I hope to create this platform in the spirit of open-source - so new wearable devices could easily integrate into, as well as new machine learning approaches, thus reducing the friction and time costs of research and development in wearable sensing and digital health.


However, this system must not be regarded as a sinkhole of information. Rather, it must interact with the user, as the brain is still the most powerful processing unit we carry. Using the user conscious (or unconscious?) mind as a tutor, the potential of Wearable Intelligence is unbounded.

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